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My Kickboxing Career

So I was out for a jog/walk tonight and I got to thinking about my sporting activities i have done throughout my lifetime. I think I kinda throw myself in the deep end and hope I can swim. I started kickboxing about 14 years ago. I was doing it once maybe twice a week for about a year. Loved it, thought I was pretty shit hot at it too. I really looking back I think I was just put sparing against someone that was worse than me. I got the grand notion after doing it for a year to go to the National championships in Dublin. Sure it would be a bit of crack and a weekend away with my husband. I was a bit disappointed by the lack of encouragement from our coaches to go to the tournament but again looking back I realised why. I think I had to fight in 2 matches. To be honest I cant remember, I just remember being embarrassed as they were probably the 2 shortest matches in the history of kickboxing. I was hammered. But I got over it and had a great weekend with my husband. To be honest he has alot of patience putting up with my little adventures. I did go to another tournament at Galway University. Thankfully there was only one other girl in my weight class, so we only had one fight and I was guaranteed a trophy. Which my kids were delighted with and showed it off to everyone proudly. I lost that match too. It was a short lived career in kickboxing but I did love it. I was absolutely rubbish at it but somehow that didn't matter. I think maybe I am a bit odd the way I throw myself into things or is everyone like that?

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