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Brave the shave

So I noticed a couple of days ago that the Laura Lynn Foundation were looking for folk to shave their heads to raise money for their charity. It's a very good cause providing help and support for families with children who require palliative care. They also provide other services. Every few years I like to do a fundraiser and I have been thinking for a long time about doing the head shave. It's a big one. I quiet like my head of blonde hair. I normally wear it up but occasionally I leave it down and I feel dressed up. I have some grey hairs growing now so I suppose there is a chance it will grow back grey? So yesterday evening I registered and set up a fundraiser page. Our Internet wasn't working very well so to be honest I thought I hadn't done it right. But when I logged into Facebook there it was. No turning back now. I woke up 3 times last night in a little panic, oh feck I have to shave my head. Trying to think was I drunk when I registered? Nope, completely sober. Oh well that's ok then, so I went back to sleep. I am OK with all now. Just waiting the week will be torture. I am quiet impromptu with making decisions, so this waiting won't sit well with me. So please please make this head shave worth my while and donate, share with friends and more friends and donate.... thanks you all!

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