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I am not a prostitute

So I did a digital marketing online course recently. It was very helpful. The main thing I took from the course is that I should not try to sell my work, I should try and sell myself. Now I am not a prostitute and won't lower myself to selling myself to sell my art. But thankfully I don't have to sell my body for sex, I just need to promote myself to be an interesting person that people would want to engage with. How the hell do I do that? I have a relatively boring life. Married with 4 kids, live in a small community in Ireland. I walk, jog and swim. When there is no Covid I coach Volleyball to local kids. I work as an artist even though it doesn't earn an income. So I thought I would do little videos of my swimming and making artwork, and write a few stories. This would be called a blog in social media terms. I am learning lots, learning how to edit little videos etc. But why is so important that a person needs to know me the person before they buy work from me? Does it give them a better understanding of my work? Does it create a connection for them with my work? Or if I somehow became famous at talking shite, would that make my work more valuable? If you have any thoughts on this I would love to hear your comments? But to be honest I am enjoying writing these blogs so I think I will keep going until I dont like doing them any more.

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