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Rising Anger

My daughter was giving out yesterday about a very mean teacher in her school. It reminded me of when I was in second year of Secondary School, we got this German teacher who was actually from Germany. At the time the school was run by the nuns. Some of the nuns were lovely, some of them had crazy little habits (not the head wearing ones, they were just the usual black and white colour). This one little nun hated children, and was terrified of our germs, so she used her elbows to open doors, or had the kids open them. She also has a long stick (named the slapper), which quiet often ended up across your knuckles. But she did love the worms in the garden and gardening was her hobby. So were that leave us kids in the pecking order?

Anyways back to the German teacher. He was a wanker. He made up lies about our class and complained about us to the principal (who was a nun). He would write swear words on the wall and blame us. He would constantly swear at us. He never actually thought us German, he was just hatching up another plan to get us in trouble. I think he had a mental illness. Well we complained to our year head, and he told the principal what was happening. So for about a week, the principal came and sat in our class reading her newspaper. Well of course the German was on his best behaviour for these classes. At the end of class, the nun would get so mad with us. Now watching this nun get mad was a sight to be seen. The madness would start just above her shoes, her legs would start to get red rising up to her knees at wear her skirt started. Then a few seconds later her white neck would start going red, rising slowly up her neck until it reached the top of her forehead. Then she would flip it, and steam would come out her ears (not really but its possible). Why was she mad, well 1. We had a German teacher who was excellent and 2. He was from Germany so we would learn excellent German of course.

So we were left with this dickhead for another few weeks until a lad in my class, who was always getting

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