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Whats my name?

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

So I got to sit down after painting a few Robins on slate. So my name is Tina, now there is a bit of a story around this name. As my mother kindly reminded me last week on my birthday that I nearly killed her when she gave birth to me, so I need to make good of my life. Back in 1977 at a hospital in Ennis there was a maternity ward that was really quiet poorly staffed with one doctor on duty that had a drink problem and was drunk as a scunk. My mother was in labour with me and I got stuck. The poor matron had to take over when the drunken doctor couldn't stand on two legs. This involved flushing me out, you can imagine the pain my poor mother was in. Well she passed out and actually saw the light, walked the tunnel. She died. Well I survived and my mam came back to us too, all the while the nurses prayed to St. Martin (I think he is the patron Saint for lost souls). He may not be a patron Saint for lost souls but it would make sense if he was. Anyways we both survived so I was named Martina after St. Martin. I also have an Uncle Martin so I like to think I was named after him, as he is a pretty cool Uncle. As a child I rathered think I was named after him than the Saint for lost souls. My Grandmother who was called "Mammy Byrne" called me "Murt " along with my Uncle Martin. My eldest sister called me "Murtie", probably my favourite name calling. Then I also adopted the name "Tit" while I was in secondary school. This was entirely my own fault. My mother is from Carlow and we spent alot of time in Carlow. Well I was excellent at picking up accents and slang words whenever I went anywhere. After a week in Carlow I came home with my new favourite word "Tit". So this was used to describe someone that was an ejit or made a mistake or acted the clown, really it could be used for anything. Well I loved this word and used it constantly at school, calling everyone a Tit. So like when John missed a goal in soccer, I would say "he is such a tit". Well you can imagine this became very annoying for everyone. So after several warnings I was told if I didnt stop using it I would me named Tit. So I was renamed Tit. I didnt mind really, a pet name is a pet name, it meant they cared enough to give you one. But yes, not my favourite name. So I name myself Tina, short for Martina, as Martina is just a name my mother used when she was annoyed with me. But you can call me Murtie too. Thats me...

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