Just say NO

I was just thinking to myself this evening that I used to be far more disciplined when I was in my 20's and early 30's. The two older kids are always telling me I am softer on the two youngest and they got a much harder time. I dont really know if my disciplinarian ruling has changed, I think the difference is back then when I said no, I meant no. Now in my 40's I am easily persuaded from a no to a yes, so hence a softer touch with the younger two. But this inability to say no and stick with it, is probably also the reason why I am overweight. I kindly persuade myself to eat the bag of taytos or have a few squares of chocolate in the evening, sure what harm is, life began at 40 after all. But in reality its no different to my kids, I am just not saying a big fat NO. When I look back at all my dieting after babies over the years, I had the weight gone within a year. I worked hard at it, I avoided every slice of cake, every sweet on the go, I ate fat free yogurt and skinny chips as a treat. Now I never went so far as to avoid the wine, that would be a ridiculous notion. I was dedicated to the cause. I didnt fool myself with excuses. I just said no. So what changed? It all did seem to change when I hit 40. I lost motivation. I had been off the cigarettes for a few years before hitting the big 40. My dad always said "watch out for that Tina, when you give up the fags the weight will pile on". So I give up the fags to avoid lung disease and end up obese, where is the FN justice in that? Anyways I am on an mission now. Kids ye better watch out! Your Mammy is going to start saying NO!

(I will start tomorrow and ignore the few quality street chocolates I ate this evening, I must be getting my periods and need a sugar hit, you know how it is).

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